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Give the gift of dance and let the fun begin !

Gift certificate example

Do you know :

- someone who has expressed an interest in dancing but has never tried?

- or someone that is a dedicated fan of Strictly Come Dancing from their sofa?

- or someone that used to dance but stopped because of life's distractions?

Or may be you want to give it a try and would like to encourage your partner/spouse/significant other to come with you?

Whatever the situation, you can give whoever it is a wonderful experience.  


As Alex, a partially sighted dancer said "Dance is amazing! It has given me so much: new friends, more confidence, belief in myself, a skill that I can use for the rest of my life and, most importantly, a lot of fun"

Gift Vouchers can be for any value. So why not give the gift of dance today?   Contact us to arrange a dancing adventure!

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